“Be healthier and more beautiful.”
Expect multi health benefits.


Matcha is a traditional ingredient that has been loved by Japanese people for centuries. It’s tasty and very nutritious. It can be used in cuisine as well as in health food products, and is known as a “superfood” today.

Matcha powder is made from tea leaves that have been steamed, dried, and then ground up. It can be used in beverages, food, or consumed directly as a tasty and nutritious ingredient. Recognized as a superfood, matcha is becoming well-known in the United States where the concept of “superfoods” was created.
Beauty and Health

Tea leaves contain catechin, which is an anti-aging agent and helps control high blood pressure and blood sugar level. Matcha also kills bacteria, preventing cavities and bad breath.

  • A type of polyphenol
  • Anti-aging
  • Control high blood pressure and blood sugar level
  • Prevent cavities and bad breath
  • Prevent body fat accumulation
  • A type of amino acid
  • Gives umami flavor, suppressing bitterness
  • Improves mental focus and sleep quality
  • Reduces heart rate, expands blood vessels, and improves blood circulation.
As a Seasoning
Matcha powder can be sprinkled over various other food to change the taste and to add a fresh green color to the food to make it aesthetically pleasing.


We use only top-quality organic matcha.

Our “Monozukuri” Culture

Matcha is made from the entire tea leaf, so we are committed to using the best organic ingredients to serve our customers. We want to support our customers to lead a healthy, beautiful, and safe lifestyle.

[ Our Choice of Location ]

We use tea leaves grown from the areas of Japan that support organic farming: Kyoto Uji, Kagoshima, and Shizuoka.
By growing the tea leaves away from main areas, pesticides used in other fields won’t affect the area where our organic tea leaves are grown.

[ Our Choice of Soil ]

The microorganisms in the soil make it soft and fluffy without the use of chemical fertilizers. We are committed to supporting a balanced ecosystem through organic farming and by using natural soil.

[ Our Manual Work Culture ]

Our matcha is made from the leaves of the first cultivation of the season called “Ichibancha.” A tea master sees the process through to the end when the dried tea leaves are ground up on a stone mill.
Hand-picked organic tea leaves are a rare find even in Japan, and we hope to keep this unique aspect of traditional Japanese culture alive.