Be healthier and more beautiful
    high quality Japanese tea brand.
    Delivering the highest quality
    organic matcha to the world.
    Real matcha
    Matcha is a type of Japanese tea made from a plant called “tea tree”.
    The leaves of the tea tree are carefully picked, steamed, dried, and
    ground with a stone mill.
    It is a Japanese superfood that maximizes the taste of tea leaves
    by a unique production method, unlike simply powdered tea leaves.
    Our top quality matcha
    Clean water
    Fertile soil
    Unpolluted nature
    Carefully selected tea leaves
    Unique blend of multiple tea leaves
    Organic tea
    craftsman ship
    Our matcha is grown using the power of the natural, without
    the use of pesticides.
    Organic cultivation protects the global environment and builds a
    sustainable society.
    We are particular about organic because we want to continue making
    delicious matcha until 100 years from now.


“Be healthier and more beautiful.”
Expect multi health benefits.

Matcha is a traditional ingredient that has been loved by Japanese people for centuries. It’s tasty and very nutritious. It can be used in cuisine as well as in health food products, and is known as a “superfood” today.
Matcha powder is made from tea leaves that have been steamed, dried, and then ground up. It can be used in beverages, food, or consumed directly as a tasty and nutritious ingredient. Recognized as a superfood, matcha is becoming well-known in the United States where the concept of “superfoods” was created.
Beauty and Health
Tea leaves contain catechin, which is an anti-aging agent and
helps control high blood pressure and blood sugar level.
Matcha also kills bacteria, preventing cavities and bad breath.
  • A type of polyphenol
  • Anti-aging
  • Control high blood pressure and blood sugar level
  • Prevent cavities and bad breath
  • Prevent body fat accumulation
  • A type of amino acid
  • Gives umami flavor, suppressing bitterness
  • Improves mental focus and sleep quality
  • Reduces heart rate, expands blood vessels,
    and improves blood circulation.


  • We deliver to the world with a safe system.

  • Delivery fee JPY3,000 for one address.
  • Whole sale
    Since we are a farmer, we provide high quality matcha at a
    reasonable price.
    We want to spread THE MATCHA TOKYO to the world.
    We are looking for partners who sympathize with our philosophy.

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    Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

  • Friendly staff
    We perform authentic matcha in a modern tea ceremony style.
    Friendly staff are waiting for you.
    Please drop in when you come to Japan