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MATCHA PROTEIN & SOY COOKIE / 抹茶プロテイン&ソイクッキー

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内容量 8個
原材料 米粉、おから、バター、粗糖、プロテイン、豆乳、アーモンドプードル、有機抹茶、ココナッツオイル、コラーゲン、(原材料の一部に乳を含む)
保存方法 高温多湿、直射日光を避けて保存
賞味期限 製造から90日


Healthy, gluten free and additive free cookies made from 100% organic matcha and soy protein powder. With a mix of protein and collagen this is a snack perfect for all of your exercise needs.


Amount: 8 pieces
Ingredients: rice flour, okara, butter, raw sugar, protein, soy milk, almond poodle, organic matcha, coconut oil, collagen, (some of the ingredients include milk)
How to store: Please store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Best-by date: 90 days from the manufacturing date

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