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MATCHA MILK JAM / 抹茶ミルクジャム

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原材料 生乳、グラニュー糖、クリーム、抹茶、食塩
内容量 125g
賞味期限 製造から6か月


Matcha milk jam made with delicious milk from Nasukogen Minamigaoka farm. A rich and delicious new addition to our line of products. You can enjoy with bread or milk, or even enjoy the caramel like richness on it's own. Enjoy the tasty combination of organic matcha and milk reduced into a rich milk jam.

【Nasukogen Minamigaoka farm】
With only around 200 of them in Japan, the ganji cows are very carefully raised. At the national milk grand prix, Nasukogen Minamigaoka farm's "ganji golden milk" took the first prize.


Amount: 125g
Ingredients: milk, granulated sugar, cream, matcha, salt
Best-by date: 6 months from the manufacturing date

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