How to Enjoy Matcha by Scene vol.2 [ at HOME ].

シーン別抹茶の楽しみ方 vol.2 [ at HOME ]

Over the past few years, people have been finding new ways to enjoy their time at home. Here, we will introduce ways to indulge in "At Home Matcha"

Matcha at home


You're probably thinking, "Matcha and Beer?". Yes, they actually pair well together! The added vitamins and nutrients of Matcha make for a guilt-free beer.

Just dissolve Matcha Powder with a small amount of water in a glass, and pour the beer in slowly and quietly. Take caution when pouring the beer as the Matcha causes it to foam! THE MATCHA TOKYO likes to use a fruity wheat beer for this, and we also like serving these alongside Red Eyes (Beer+Tomato Juice) for the Holiday festivities!

matcha stollen


Because Matcha is already in powder form, it flawlessly mixes into flour for various baking needs like cookies, pancakes, and bread. We love to see the incorporations our customers come up with! Adding a little Matcha to your baking is a great way to give your table a pop of color.

matcha gift


Whether you're a guest or the host, THE MATCHA TOKYO's Matcha gifts will not disappoint. 

MATCHA CASTELLA ▶ In collaboration with the popular castella shop, Quolofune, located in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo. 6 pre-sliced pieces. 

MATCHA BOX , TEA BOX ▶ A set of separately packaged teas. Gift the entire set, or divided amongst friends. 

We hope our Matcha can help improve you time at home!

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