How to Enjoy Matcha by Scene vol.1 [ Morning Matcha ].

morning matcha

Morning Matcha

A phrase used by many Matcha lovers. 
But why is Matcha good in the morning? Let's dive in to its benefits!


  • Reason #1: Nutrient Rich

The nutrients in Matcha are most effective in the morning!

 - Caffeine
Caffeine has memory and concentration boosting benefits, so incorporating this in your routine will kick start an efficient morning. Ideas will flow easier with a clearer mind.

 - Theanine
An amino acid compound responsible for umami in teas.
It eases stress by relaxing the mind, giving you a less anxious start to the day. Drinking Matcha is the most efficient way to get a high dose of theanine, apparent from the large amount of umami. 

 - Catechin
Type of polyphenol with antibacterial and antioxidant activity. Having a cup of Matcha in the morning will cleanse your mouth and aid in oral hygiene. 

morning matcha

  • Reason #2: Zen

Having a morning routine is proven to impact your day for the better. Take control of your day and start on the right foot and mind set by incorporating Matcha into your routine. Even sipping on it throughout the day will help ease the day's stress. 

matcha at kitchin

We at THE MATCHA TOKYO wish you a pleasant day with Morning Matcha!

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Recommended products for the morning

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Easy to hold and just the right size▶▶BOTTLE

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