Easy! How to make Matcha Latte


The Organic Matcha Latte is the #1 Best Seller in our THE MATCHA TOKYO Cafes. 

We are sharing an easy recipe for you to enjoy in your home!

Organic Matcha Powder    2~3 grams (about 1.5 teaspoons)
Warm Water    40ml
Milk    120ml
Ice Cubes    (Number based on glass-size)
Liquid Sweetener

Recommended Matcha Powder ▶▶ TOKYO RICH


1) Place your ice cubes and milk in a glass

2) To a separate cup or small bowl: spoon in the Organic Matcha Powder, then add the warm water and mix with a spoon to dissolve.

3) Pour the Matcha into the prepared glass of milk. Add your favorite sweetener. Stir and Enjoy!
Tip: pouring the Matcha directly onto ice cubes will give you a visually satisfying result. 

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