MATCHAI PROTEIN, created in collaboration with Eume, a self-care brand. 

We formulated this protein powder with nutritional benefits, without sacrificing flavor, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy it for years down the line. 

Let us introduce the health benefits of the MATCHAI PROTEIN.

Matcha (powdered green tea)


The Matcha used in the MATCHAI PROTEIN is high quality and tea ceremony grade, so there is no bitterness or astringency.

The polyphenol called catechin slows aging, lowers blood sugar and prevents excess fat build-up. Lipase, an enzyme found in caffeine, lowers cholesterol and inflammation.

Customers like to include MATCHAI PROTEIN in their weight-loss diets for the combined benefits of protein and Matcha. 
1 serving of the protein shake contains the recommended daily serving of Matcha, so you could potentially replace your current Matcha routine. 


chai spice

Original Blend of 5 Organic Spices

We grind our spices using the same techniques as we use on Matcha leaves, so one can get the full benefits from the spices.

The Spices:
 - Cinnamon (Body Temperature Regulation)
 - Cardamom (Gut Health)
 - Ginger (Blood Circulation)
 - Black Pepper (Metabolism)
 - Cloves (Liver Health)


The combination of Vegetable Protein and Animal Protein aids in a healthy body. 
We use a mix of Whey protein, for its amino acids, and Pea protein, for its low glycemic index.

The MATCHAI PROTEIN can benefit consumers in weight loss, but can also help build muscle mass.


THE MATCHA TOKYO uses unrefined cane sugar from Kikaijima, praised to be the most beautiful island in Japan. 
Raw cane sugar contains high levels of vitamins and minerals, and adds a subtle sweetness. It is able to convert glucose into energy, and the niacin helps relieve fatigue.

We add a prebiotic called galacto-oligosaccharides, found in breast milk, to slow the digestion process to prevent sugars from becoming calories. 

No added sugar, no added fat.

What We Are Firm On

・Refined Sugar-free  ・Artificial Fragrance and Color-free
・GMO-free ・Artificial Sweetener-free
・Guilt-free  ・Preservative-free
・Soy-free  ・Gluten-free

MATCHAI PROTEIN is manufactured in Japan.

protein milk

How to take

Add 20g(3 Tablespoons) of MATCHAI PROTEIN powder to 150ml of water or milk, and mix. 

It is recommended to be consumed in the morning to allow the Matcha to help awaken and relax your mind. The spices are also beneficial in the morning for blood flow and circulation. 

matcha protein package

MATCHAI PROTEIN has many effective nutritional benefits. 

It tastes as good as its benefits! Beginners to experts can get a lot out of our specially formulated protein powder. 

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