Collaboration between THE MATCHA TOKYO and Bean Tober nicao from Niseko, Hokkaido.

Carefully crafted from aromatic cacao beans directly imported from Guatemala, the root of sacred cacao, and pure Hokkaido ingredients, the chocolates offer surprising flavors and aromas that defy conventional wisdom.

❙ In search of pure chocolate

We want to create pure chocolate that allows you to enjoy the highest quality matcha.
THE MATCHA TOKYO's desire was answered by nicao, a bean-to-bar located in Niseko, Hokkaido, which attracts people from all over the world with its rich nature.

nicao creates craft chocolates of the highest quality using only the finest ingredients, including pesticide-free cacao directly from Guatemala, which they have traced back to their cacao roots, and the finest ingredients grown in the land of Hokkaido.

❙ nicao chocolate

Cacao from Guatemalan plantations
nicao The cacao beans used at nicao are imported directly from small family farms in Guatemala, without the use of intermediaries. The cacao beans from these farms, which have a strong philosophy regarding the environment and employment, have an aroma unlike anything you have ever tasted before.

The marriage of sacred cacao beans and Hokkaido ingredients
chocolates always contain at least one ingredient from Hokkaido. The precious cacao beans from Guatemala are combined with ingredients nurtured in the majestic land of Hokkaido to create unique craft chocolates that can only be made here, and only here.

True craft chocolate born from meticulous handiwork
At nicao's workshop, every step of the process, from importing the cacao beans, to visual sorting, to the final chocolate making process, to the final individual packaging, is the handiwork of the chocolate makers. It is from these handiworks that true craft chocolate is born.

❙ The highest quality matcha craft chocolate

Matcha craft chocolates from nicao × THE MATCHA TOKYO are MATCHA DARK and MATCHA WHITE.

Dark chocolate with the richness, flavor, and acidity of cacao concentrated in it. With this chocolate, you will encounter the true taste of cacao.

The moment it touches your tongue, the cacao butter and matcha melt together, reminiscent of Niseko's powder snow. It is a white chocolate with an unprecedented purity of matcha.

Once you taste this pure chocolate, you may never eat any other chocolate again. Please enjoy this craft chocolate made with the finest ingredients.